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A new experience is coming soon!
Starting on July 1, we are bringing you an updated service request experience that will enhance security and streamline the process.

Contact Information
To be filled out by the representative who will coordinate completion of the order
Contact Name Contact Phone  Contact Email  Contact Rm 

Example: 8505551212

(Numbers only)

Info Button
(not required for External Account Requests)
Enter Buildings and Service Room Info - Incorrect information will delay processing of your order.
NOTE: Begin typing characters in drop-down boxes to narrow the list
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Contact Bldg/Location 
Service Bldg/Location 
Service Room 
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*The lists above are pulled from the FSU Facilities building database*
DEPARTMENTAL GL/Budget Information 
Upon entering Budget Number, the next page will bring in the Department Name and list of PO's available to you on that budget.
Required EVEN for non-billable items. If item/service is non-billable, your PO will not be charged.
Recurring Monthly Charges
Dept ID
(6 digits)
Fund Code
(3 digits)
(If N/A, leave 9 zeros)
One-Time Non-Recurring Charges
NR Dept ID
(6 digits)
NR Fund Code
(3 digits)
NR Project
(If N/A, leave 9 zeros)

For information on requesting PO's, go to the Controller's FAQ page.

ESTIMATE ONLY ~ GL/PO numbers will be required before any work is performed
  Department Name FOR ESTIMATE:

FOR EXTERNAL ACCOUNTS ONLY (No Departmental Budget Number)
  Company/External Account (EA) Name:

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Other ITS Forms/Information To VOID an existing Order or
For technical difficulties, telephone 644-HELP (4357)